Putting a New Roof on an Old Farmhouse

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Putting a New Roof on an Old Farmhouse

Considering putting a new roof on an old farmhouse? Without a doubt, farmhouses are beautiful. It has a rustic, historical charm that is hard to replicate. So, it is always a sad affair when you have to replace a part of it.

Considering the average age of these buildings, farmhouse roofs are reaching the end of their lifespan. However, there are some things to consider when replacing your old roof.

Traditional Farmhouse Roofs

Old farmhouse roofs were built with functionality in mind. As a result, these roofs were meant to be easy to construct and repair. Most farmhouse roofs are made from the same material as the barn’s roof. While wood shake was a popular choice, one of the most common types of roofing is metal, R-panels. Despite their durability and low maintenance, these metal roofs have exposure problems that require repair every 7-10 years. Once asphalt shingles became available, many farmhouse roofs started to adopt this material.

Putting on a new traditional-style farmhouse roof should be easy. So, why should you consider replacing your roof?

Reasons for a New Roof

If you own an old farmhouse, chances are that you will experience the problems that come from an old roof. While farmhouses’ have steep roofs and are built sturdy, you can still have problems. First of all, rust is an issue. After all, one of the most popular farmhouse roofing is metal R-panels. While the metal panels themselves are rust-resistant, the screws and washers that hold the roof together are not. This is what leads to 7-10 years of required repairs.

Some other signs will give away that your roof needs to be replaced. This includes a sagging roof, leaks, and other indications that show that you need to replace rather than repair.

Get a New Roof for Your Old Farmhouse

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