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Having your roof inspected by a professional roofer is essential before making any decision regardless if you feel you just need it repaired or want an estimate for replacement. You can schedule a free roof inspection by Eastbrook Construction at any time by calling 248-877-9257 or by contacting us online. We request someone be present for the inspection that will take approximately 1/2 hour. Additional time may be needed if you request a free estimate for service.

What We Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

There are a number of things we look for when inspecting your roof. Some of it depends on how old your home or roof is, type of home construction, shingles, and a few other factors.

First, we ask if you’ve noticed, inside your house or garage; cracks, watermarks, leaks or other things that concern you.  We’ll take a look inside if you request us to do so. After that, we will look from the ground and then go on your roof for a close-up inspection.

The following is a roof inspection checklist of things we do and look for:

  • We look around cutters and edges for ice damage/separationInspect flashing around fireplace & vents
  • On the roof we inspect for:
    • Cracked or loose shingles
    • Loose flashing
    • Pipe boot(flashing) rot and type of material used
    • Nail pops
    • Roof vents and material used
    • Ridge vents for clogging (older styles)
    • Shingle wear (based on the type used)
  • Make notes and take pictures
roof inspection for hail damage

Asphalt shingles with damage & wear

Roof Inspection Report

During our inspection, we will take pictures of any anomalies or potential problem areas. After completion, we will go over the inspection with you and discuss repairs or replacement estimates if requested.

There is no obligation and no commissioned salesman, only experienced roofers do our inspections.

Note: If you want an estimate for roof replacement (it’s free), please let us know before we start. We can save time by measuring your roof while we do the inspection.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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