Replacing Skylights in Your Roof

Roofing Experts 11:04 am

skylight replacement in Northville home

Adding skylights to a roof can be great addition to any home. However, after several years you may find that it is leaking or maybe damage occurs. Many roofing contractors, like Eastbrook, are capable of replacing skylights in your roof. This is especially true when you are replacing your entire roof or it is discovered while repairing and sealing your roof.

Skylight Replacement in Northville

Recently this happened to a customer of ours in Northville MI. After being asked to replace just an older part of a roof and repair a seal around a skylight, it was discovered that the skylight had to be replaced. The damage was shown and explained to the home owner to their satisfaction and then we went over the  replacement process and costs. To be honest, it isn’t something we look to do. We would much rather be tasked to repair and seal around an existing skylight.

Benefit to Having Skylights

We don’t want to discourage anyone from having skylights. If fact, the have quite a few benefits. First of all, skylights provide natural light that is bright and more inviting atmosphere. Exposure to natural light can provide many health benefits as well such as improved sleep patterns.

In addition, they provide more privacy unlike other windows at eye-level, as well as, the ability to look up at the sky. Skylights also takes advantage of a space that is usually under-utilized while providing energy efficiency. And finally, they can increase property values!

Type of Skylights in Your Roof

Before replacing a skylight in your roof, you should get assessment to see your options based on your roof’s slope and figure out the layout. Based on that you may have other options for replacement. Here are some of the types:

  • Fixed
  • Vented
  • Tubular
  • Flat Roof
  • Custom

Professional Roofers Know About Skylights

It is best to hire professional to install a skylight. Professional roofers have knowledge about all the different parts of the roof, allowing us to frame an opening for the window and ensure proper flashing. If you suspect or know that you need your skylight replaced, please contact Eastbrook Roofing & Construction working in Oakland, Livingston and Western Wayne counties. We know roofs!