Tax returns for new roof

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

Need a New Roof? Budget Your Tax Return!

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

We have had our first few decent snowfalls causing ice or snow accumulation. This is typically the time of year you begin to realize it may be time for a new roof. Winter may have wrecked havoc on your aging roof, and you have finally decided this is the year you will replace your roof. […]

New Year, New Roof

Roofing Experts 5:51 pm

With a new year brings new improvements, especially roof improvements. What better way to start off the year fresh than to enhance your roof with your tax return? Unfortunately, when making a home improvement, you aren’t able to deduct the cost in the year you’ve spent your money, however, there is good news! Keeping a […]