My Roof is Leaking—Do I Need to Have The Whole Thing Replaced?

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My Roof is Leaking—Do I Need to Have The Whole Thing Replaced?

“My roof is leaking!”

Those were the first words I said when I came back from work and saw water. The cause? Heavy rain and a breach in the roof. Indeed, discovering a leak is stressful. After all, the water damage can be serious. Especially, when the second leak already had mold growing. However, how severe is the breach? Did the heavy rain cause the damage? Or was it already there? Most importantly, do I need a roof repair or replacement? Without a doubt, this is an overwhelming situation. So, let’s discuss when you need a simple repair or an overhaul!

Roof Leaking Problems

My Roof is Leaking—Do I Need to Have The Whole Thing Replaced?

Discovering a leak is stressful. However, solving the problem is important. After all, a leaking roof can cause a lot of damages and health problems. Mold and Mildew can occur. Damage to your home’s structure and electrical system. Indeed, water damage is harmful to your home. But how the leak is solved is based on the state of your roof. But what determines if you need a roof repair or replacement?

When Was Your Roof Replaced?

The age of your roof can influence your choice to repair or replace. If your roof was replaced within the last 7 years, then repairing it could be the better option. It is better to keep your roof for as long as possible. After all, most professionals recommend that you should consider replacement 80-85% into the roof’s lifespan. So if your roof is supposed to last 25 years, replacing a 7-year-old roof is wasting your investment. However, if your roof is at the end of its life, then a replacement will be the best. Yet, age might not matter. Since the damage that your roof has is a bigger factor.

How Damaged is the Roof?

Fortunately for my roof, it was just minor damage. An easy repair job was all my roof needed. The heavy rain has caused some damage to local roofs. In some cases, it is just minor damage. Minor holes and confined damage make a repair the obvious choice. After all, why replace a roof when a simple patch job will do? But that changes when it comes to severe damage. The recent heavy rain has been a natural disaster for Michigan. This severe rain has caused major damages to some roofs. And even if you decide to do a repair, it will only be temporary. At that point, it would be better to get a replacement. However, there is one more deciding factor.

Fixing Your Leaking Roof with Eastbrook Construction

Whether it is a repair or a replacement, you need reliable roof contractors. People who can make sure your roof will last and stand the elements. That is why people choose Eastbrook Construction for their roofing needs. For over 20 years, we have serviced local areas when it comes to roofing services. Specializing in roof repairs, new constructions, and artifactual/asphalt shingles, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. As a licensed and insured company, meaning you don’t have to worry about insurance for your construction. Best of all, our work comes with a 10-year labor guarantee and a lifetime warranty on materials. At Eastbrook Construction, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

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