Roof improvements

Roofing Experts 10:23 am

Tax Season, Stuck at Home? It’s a Good Time For Roof Inspection

Roofing Experts 10:23 am

If you are planning on a good tax return this tax season, make sure to invest in your home. With travel limited this year, now may be a very good time to reinvest in your home. Summer is coming and we are all hoping that better times are coming with it. Even if you are […]

New Year, New Roof

Roofing Experts 5:51 pm

With a new year brings new improvements, especially roof improvements. What better way to start off the year fresh than to enhance your roof with your tax return? Unfortunately, when making a home improvement, you aren’t able to deduct the cost in the year you’ve spent your money, however, there is good news! Keeping a […]