Second Layer of Shingles is Bad for Your Roof

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Recently, we did work on a house in Northville that had a second layer of shingles. Due to the wear and tear, our workers had to remove both layers to replace the roof. You might be wondering why two layers of shingles were installed onto the roof. After all, what is the point of adding another layer if it will only need to be removed along with the original? There are some circumstances where adding another layer of roofing is chosen by the homeowner. However, there are plenty of reasons why another second layer of shingles can be detrimental to your roof.Roofing contractor Northville, Michigan

Why Do People Add a Second Layer?

A roof is a vital component of your house. That means when it’s time to replace your roof, it can be rather expensive. For some homeowners, they are not ready to do a full replacement. In times like these, a second layer of shingles can be an appealing option. In addition to being more convenient than stripping an entire roof, it saves money by reducing labor-intensive work and clean-up. Yet, these benefits do not compare to the number of negatives that comes with adding a second layer of shingles.

Downsides of a Second Layer of Shingles

Another layer of shingles provides more problems than solutions. For the most part, the second layer is just a temporary fix for a massive problem. However, it also creates more problems for your roof. While you might think adding an additional layer would extend the lifespan of your roof, it actually shortens it. This is because the heat gets trapped between the layers, causing the shingles to age. The lifespan of your roof can be cut by 40%!

Adding another layer also adds weight to your roof because you are basically putting a roof on top of another roof. This can put extra pressure on your roof’s decking and foundation which can become risky during severe weather like thunderstorms.

Furthermore, the second layer does not protect the original layer from damage. As a result, the additional layer will hide damage like leaks, rotting wood, bad flashing, and other types of damage. This can lead to serious damage that will cost you a fortune to repair or replace. All of this is not including compromise to your roof’s aesthetic.

Get a Roof Replacement

Removing old shingles firstWithout a doubt, adding a second layer of shingles can be one of the worse decisions that a homeowner can make. This temporary fix not only causes more damage than it fixes, but it also can inhibit getting a proper roof inspection as well. That is why it’s better to bite the bullet and get a roof replacement. If you have a second layer on your roof or need to repair your roof or part of your roof contact us for an honest assessment today!

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