Roof Repair After a Rough Winter in Michigan

Roofing Experts 12:26 pm

Roof Repair After A Rough Winter Weather Conditions

We seem to be clear of the roughest of the Michigan weather this winter and spring is right around the corner. Some of the weather, such as the cold fronts and windchill, have been less forgiving than others. The spike in wind damage this winter  means one thing: Winter Roof Damage That’ll Need Repairing. Thankfully we here at Eastbrook Construction are here to help. We can help inspect your roof and repair any winter storm damage it may have gotten over these past few months.

Winter Roof Damage

With the strong storms and high winds we’ve been having, you need to be sure your roof hasn’t sustained damage. Roof damage from winter storms is very common, and sometimes you don’t notice until it’s too late.

Mysterious leaks, broken shingles around your home, and weird smells from mildew growth are just a few signs something may be wrong. Winter weather roof damage is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later before further damage can occur.

Getting your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced now

Putting off getting your roof checked out or repaired after a winter storm will only make things worse. With Spring still being a ways away, the chances of another winter storm or cold front is very possible and you don’t want your home taking more damage.

The thawing and freezing loop will exacerbate any damage and most likely cause more damage to your home and roof. Being proactive now will save you further down the line.

So don’t let any winter storm damage go unchecked. Hire a professional roofing company like Eastbrook Construction and get your roof fixed correctly the first time. Finally, we will even give you a free estimate on your next roof inspection and repair. So why wait? Contact us and get your quote today!