The right shingles to protect your roof and insulate your home

Roofing Experts 1:52 pm

The right shingles to protect your homeIt is very important to have the right roof shingles, especially in the Michigan Summer. The right roof shingles can protect your home from many things. Shingles provide wind resistance, heat resistance, and algae resistance to your roof. However, without the right kind of shingles, your roof is left vulnerable to the elements.

DIY vs Professional Roofer

Hiring an experienced roofer is very important. Compared to a DIY, or do-it-yourself, roofer, there are many advantages such as safety, time, experience, and the end-product. 

  • Safety

Building a roof can be dangerous, especially for DIY roofers. Because most asphalt shingles reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, the roof is very hot while the attic underneath remains relatively cool. Therefore, the surface of the shingles remains very hot. Professional roofers are used to the heat and how to handle it. New DIY roofers are more in danger because of the deceptively cool looking shingles. Also, experienced roofers are used to walking on the sloped roofs of houses. Inexperienced roofers can fall and get severely injured or even killed.

  • Time and Experience

The time taken to build or fix a roof is directly related to experience. An experienced contractor already knows how to build a roof and in a reasonable time period. Not only will a professional contractor take less time to complete your roof but they will also do a more seamless job.

  • End-Product

Right Shingles To Protect Your Roof

Professional contractors build roofs and replace shingles for a living. They know how to correctly build a roof in a timely manner and have it look good. The end-product of a professional roofer will look a lot better than a DIY roofer’s end-product.

If you want to make your next roof look good for a longer time, we recommend CTA or GAF shingles. By using these brands, your investment will add beauty and value to your home. For your next roof repair or replacement choose the local contractors here at Eastbrook Construction. We’ve got your back! Get your free quote and contact us today!