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Posts about protecting gutters when working on your roof and when adding and removing holiday decorations with a ladder.

Take Care When Removing or Hanging Holiday Decorations

Roofing Experts 1:13 pm

Regardless if you have time off for the holidays, or you will be trying to get everything hung or taken down on a weekend, taking care when removing or hanging holiday decorations is a must. More often than not, our roofing professionals in Michigan make roofing repairs caused by putting up or taking down holiday […]

Don’t Let Holiday Decorations Wreck Havoc On Your Gutters!

Roofing Experts 10:44 pm

The winter holidays are quickly approaching as we got our first taste of snow this week! Many families decorate their homes with lights and other garnishments as part of their holiday tradition. Have you hung your lights yet? Whether you were lucky enough to get around to hanging lights before the snow, or you still […]