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Lyon Township Roofers

Lyon Township is one of the fasting growing communities in the Metro Brighton and Novi area. Also, this little township has quickly become known as a family-friendly community with a good school and a thriving business district. Located between Brighton and Novi, Lyon Township has easy access to I-96 and is close to US-23 and I-275. Lyon Township has become a community hub in Southeastern Michigan and has been adding new homes constantly.

No matter how you slice it this area is a great local community for families and businesses. Even in adjacent and growing communities, the need for trustworthy local roofing contractors in South Lyon is growing. Thankfully the award-winning local roofing company Eastbrook Construction can service all of Lyon Township and the greater Southeastern Michigan. See our credentials and you’ll see why time and time again people choose Eastbrook Construction as their go-to local roof repair and replacement company.

Servicing Local Home Owners In South Lyon

If you are a local contractor or local homeowner in need of a local roofing contractor in South Lyon, look no further. Here at Eastbrook Construction, we work with everyone from homeowners, housing contractors, to local business owners and everyone in between. Also, we can help repair, replace, and inspect any roof. Simply contact us with details of the job you need on our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

At Eastbrook Construction our goal is to give you the best roofing contractor experience you expect from an award-winning company. In addition, we take pride in our work and strive to give you a roof that you can depend on for years to come. Easterbrook Construction is one of the leaders in roofing constructions

Finally, if you need a roof repair, a local roof inspector, or roof replacement, we can help! Contact us here at Eastbrook Construction. You won’t regret it!

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Apartments, Flat Roofs, Pole Barns We Do More

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In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the different roofing work we do. This is in regard to the type of roofing as well as some of the different types of customers that need new roofs. Landlords of apartment complexes and condo associations are responsible for their roofs. Many have unique challenges including layout, structure, and timing concerns. At Eastbrook, we often get called to present a plan for roof inspections, repairs as well as, new roof installation.

Pole barn roofing is a whole different type of project. Being located in Howell, we have a lot of rural areas surrounding us. The residents in these areas typically have acreage or very large lots.  This is ideal for having pole barns which many people do. If you have a pole barn and need a new roof, we would love to hear from you!

Other Types Of Roofing We DoApartment roofing company

Flat Roofs – typically we do this work as an add on to a larger residential job. Some homes have a small addition like an enclosed porch that is flat. We typically use Peel & Stick, which has many advantages over the older traditional methods. When done properly, it will save time, provide a better moisture barrier, and last longer.

Apartment Buildings – Currently in Flint, we have an apartment building complex where almost every year we are working on one or two of the buildings, replacing the roof. Whether it’s a small complex with one building or a larger one with a many, our crews are ready.

With apartments, there are a lot of families, cars, parking lots and drives. Typically, the property is quite restrictive, with little area to manage building materials (old coming off or new stacked and ready to go). We have the equipment and experience to make our work as less intrusive as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and safe work environment so Landlords can be confident we’ll take care of their property and residents.

Pole Barns – We’ve done smaller outbuildings to large pole barns as well. Typically there are no fancy roof lines like a home which makes it easier and faster (and thereby cheaper) to do. We put and new room on a 40 x 30 pole barn in Pickney and a Horse pole barn in Milford for example. Some horse pole barns have variations that need to be considered, but for the most part pole barns are pretty simple.