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Let’s face it, you’re not going to be looking for a roofing contractor in a state other than Michigan. Not when you need a new roof on your house located in Milford. You’re going to be looking for “roofers in my area.” Well, let’s talk about my area!

Milford & Commerce TownshipNew home roof from roofers in my area

Milford and Commerce Township are both great places to live. The village of Milford holds a population of roughly 6,400 people. With that being said, when being compared to other cities and towns, Milford ranks in the upper percentile for population density. There is an average of 2,839 housing units in the city of Milford. In a city like Commerce Township, many homeowners take excellent pride in the life that they have paved for themselves. With its quiet and safe neighborhoods, Commerce Township tries its hardest to make their community welcoming to everyone. There is a lot of new construction and roofers spend a lot of time here. Waterways abide the area in and around Milford with beautiful lakes, rivers, and miles of canals. Seeing is believing!

Pickney, Hamburg & Whitmore Lake

All along West Michigan 36, there are great communities just south of Brighton starting at U.S 23. Some of these communities include Pickney, Hamburg and Whitemore Lake. The Pinckney, Hamburg and Whitmore Lake area often draw the natural surroundings (lakes, parks recreation areas, etc.) close to them. Outdoor activities, such as mountain bike riding, fishing, hiking, camping, and boating are usually enjoyed by the communities. Not only are these places great places to explore, but they are also great places to live. There is one thing we’ve noticed in this area, there can be quite a bit of high winds and storm damage near U.S. 23 and I96. Roofers in my area get a lot of calls for repairs, especially in spring. That being said, Whitmore Lake, Pickney, and Hamburg provide their neighborhoods with a relaxing and welcoming change from the busy pace of the big city life.

Eastbrook Construction – The Roofer in your Area!

Real estate is quite popular these areas and new homeowners keep on coming.  As a result, there is an abundance of home inspections revealing the need for quality construction. Eastbrook Construction roofers do a lot of work based on these inspections. This includes roofing, gutters, damage restoration–the whole shebang.

Even though their company is located in Howell, Michigan, they do a lot of work in communities like; Milford, Pickney, Hamburg and Whitemore Lake.  Customer service is something taken very seriously at Eastbrook. If there anyone looking for a roofing contractor to do your roof installation choose Eastbrook, you wont regret it!