Fascia Repair

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Roof Fascia Repair

Are you looking for fascia repair?

The roof has many components that play an important role in keeping its structural integrity. One of these parts is the fascia board, which protects the inside of your roof and the interior of your home from moisture. When this board suffers damage, it needs to be immediately repaired. Fortunately, Eastbrook Construction has decades of experience in roof construction and repair. But what makes the fascia so integral to your roof?

What is the Fascia Board?

You might be wondering what the fascia board is. Furthermore, how this component keeps the integrity of your roof. First of all, the fascia runs along the roofline, connecting to the ends of the rafters and trusses. It is the vertical edge that protects the wooden boards underneath from weather damage. This board is visible on the exterior of your home. Furthermore, it often keeps your gutters in place.



The primary purpose of the fascia board is to prevent water infiltration and moisture-related issues. These issues include:

  • Rotting Roof
  • Damaged Ceilings
  • Stained Walls
  • Structural Damage 
  • Insulation Damage
  • Pest Infestation

The fascia is an important part of your roof. As a result, it is important to keep these boards in tip-top shape. So, what is the most common damage that your fascia can suffer?

Most Common Fascia Damage

The most common damage that can affect the fascia (and the soffits) is exposure to sun and water. Although the boards are supposed to protect the interior of your house from water damage, the fascia can also be damaged over time due to exposure to these elements. This can lead to wet or dry rot. Furthermore, the fascia can begin to crumble away. There can also be physical damage from going through the freeze/thaw cycle.  Signs that your fascia will need repair include:

  • Mold/Fungus/Algae
  • Bowing
  • Holes
  • Cracks

It is important to keep a good eye on your roof’s fascia to see if it needs repairs. However, if you have issues identifying problems with your roof, Eastbrook will free roof inspection and estimate for you!