Value Added Home Improvements

Roofing Experts 1:14 pm

Value Added Home Improvements

When it comes to value added home improvements such as a remodeled bathroom, new deck, finished basement, or a new garage one of the best is a new roof. A new roof can raise the resale value of your home almost $12,000.  In addition to the resale value, you can expect to recoup almost 62% of the installation cost. Deciding to get a new roof installed before other home improvements is always a good idea.

Roof Installation Value Added Home Improvements

There are some great reasons to choose a new rood. The first being the increased resale value of your home. INcreasing your home value almost $12,000 is always a plus. The second advantage is the warranty. Quality shingles such as GAF or CertainTeed offer longer warranties now.  The third reason is the appearance upgrade. You will have much more curb appeal with a new roof over a ragged old one missing shingles. Another benefit appraisers and inspectors look for a newer roof and will not mark you down if you have one.

Of course, a whole new roof is not your only option. Roof repairs are always a step in the right direction as well. Repairs can range from whole sections of wood being replaced to just some few shingles being added. Until you have an expert examine your roof you really do not exactly what type of repair you need. When it comes to Michigan, the rough winter weather can really take its toll on your roof. No matter if you live in Brighton, Howell, Novi, or Plymouth we will be there for you.

The experts at Eastbrook Construction can give you a free estimate on your roof repairs or new install.  They will sit with you and let you know exactly what you need for your roof.  In addition, they can even help you choose the right color shingle that best goes with your home. So whether you need a complete roof or some repairs, Eastbrook Construction should be your first choice. Give us a call today at 248-877-9247 or submit for a free estimate you will be glad you did!