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If you live in Michigan, then you know how much rain has fallen this summer. For days at a time, heavy rain has been falling down on all of us. Especially your roof. Heavy rain with flooding can cause damage. Because of this, people have been noticing the signs of a leaky roof. After all, the leaking makes it obvious. These water leaks can damage your paint but that is the least of your problems. There are a lot of risks that are exposed when your roof starts leaking. Without a doubt, fixing a leaking roof is a top priority. But what type of risks are there and who can you trust with leaking roof repairs?

Risks from a Leaking Roof

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There are many problems that can occur because of a leaking roof. However, what are these problems and how are they a risk to you? Well, let’s break it down!

Ceiling and Attic Damage

A leaking roof will do more than just ruin your paint. When water is coming in from a damaged roof, it can cause discoloration and stains. However, that is only if you are lucky. In severe cases, the water damage can cause your ceiling/attic’s structure to become flimsy. This can cause your ceiling to break apart and fall into the house, damaging other areas or causing injuries. But there is also another risk that can form in these areas.

Mold and Mildew

Once your roof starts leaking, it is guaranteed that you develop serious mold and mildew problems. But this is more than an aesthetic problem. While these growths can show you where the water is coming in, they can pose a serious health problem. Mold spores will spread into the home, sometimes getting into the HVAC systems. Those spores can cause major illnesses, ranging from allergies to compromised immune systems. In addition, you can suffer from mold poisoning that causes dangerous side effects.

Fire Hazards

Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix. And that doesn’t change with a leaking roof. Your electrical system is connected to your attic and ceiling, meaning the leak can cause a huge firer risk. It is important to turn off your electricity immediately to prevent short circuits. You also should contact an electrician to assess the damage to your wiring.

Compromised Structure

You already have a damaged roof, you don’t need things to get worse. However, water damage extends to every part of your house. Although the staining from your ceiling and walls is obvious, the inside of your walls can be worse. Rafters, wall framing, ceiling joints. All of these can become spongy and deteriorated by a leaking roof. Especially if it is not fixed quickly and correctly.

With all these risks, you need professional roofers to make sure your roof is repaired. When it comes to your leaking roof repairs, you can rely on Eastbrook Construction.

Roof Repairs at Eastbrook

Eastbrook Construction has decades of experience in the roofing industry. For over 20 years, we have provided satisfactory service to Howell, Brighton, and surround areas. Eastbrook’s services can handle your water damage with our damage restoration services. Our professional will walk you through to process to ensure that your roof is in capable hands. Our crew will help replace the damaged material and goods and give your roof cleaning. Eastbrook uses water extractors and dehumidifiers to remove any residual water from your exterior. However, Eastbrook has many other services to fit your roofing needs.

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